Unacknowledged Loss

Unacknowledged Loss is a research-residency led by Barbara Raes of Beyond the Spoken, Belgium. Since March 2020 we live in a different reality. Loss and the concepts of grief and mourning are seen through very different lenses. The topics addressed by Beyond the Spoken are even more present in our current lives and it is worth creating a space to reflect on them and to search for a different artistic practice. The zone where art and care meet is full of paradoxes, but is also very fertile for creating innovative and sustainable (artistic) forms or methods for the future.

Seven artists will work individually on the topic of mourning and farewell rituals for today. The discomfort of not being able to properly meet as a group due to the pandemic is the starting point of this journey. Each artist will know that apart from themselves, six others are following the same path at the same time in Ireland.

The first part of the research-residency offers inspiration about the funeral world, grief and mourning through talks, conversations, rituals and online workshops. The second part involves collaboration and coaching by Barbara Raes to create a farewell ritual.

During the process, several materials such as photos, texts and films will be generated, a selection of which will be shared online.


Shared online


Unaknowledged Loss will be available online during the Festival. We will update this page with further details in due course.