INTERNATIONAL THEATRE eXchange 2020 – On Stream

Irish Theatre Institute (ITI), in partnership with Culture Ireland and DTF, will design and present a new digital version of its annual International Theatre eXchange (ITX) to meet the demands of networking and promoting Irish theatre in a changed world. This year, we will focus on building connections, exchanging ideas and models of working particularly around international touring and collaboration.

Discussions will embrace the questions: What are presenters looking for – what are their challenges? How can artists reimagine the way they ‘tour’? How do we work together to ensure that international collaboration and partnerships are both maintained and allowed to grow?

In addition to ITX online networking and ideas eXchange, ITI and Culture Ireland will present their annual curated Pitching Session* providing Irish/or Irish-based artists with a platform to introduce their work to a national and international audience of programmers, presenters, festivals and arts centres.

Join ITI and Culture Ireland to explore new options and possibilities together.

*Selection to participate in the Pitching Session is by open call. See for further details.

ITX is presented in partnership with Culture Ireland and supported by the Arts Council. For further information on dates, times and detailed information on ITI’s International Theatre eXchange visit


2 Oct 2020