Outlandish Theatre Platform, Ireland, Palestine, USA


D-Project is an R&D performance project that explores truth-seeking and politics from the local to the global. Working collaboratively with three international, interdisciplinary artists – Mirna Bamieh, Kate Conroy, and Evgeny Shtorn – Outlandish Theatre interrogates the virtual and geographic spaces where art and journalism collide.

How can the art of theatre infuse journalism? What happens when a live theatre audience receives dispatches from New York, Ramallah, and Dublin? If artists become reporters, who are their editors and fact-checkers? Can virtual reality help connect us across space and time, or is it another type of separation?

- What do activism and virtual reality have in common?

- If you do nothing, nothing will change.

Kindly supported by the Arts Council, DCC, The Digital Hub and the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital.

Co-Directed by Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly

Co-Created by Mirna Bamieh, Kate Conroy, Evgeny Shtorn, Maud Hendricks, Bernie O’Reilly

Digital Design and Videography: Arcade Film

Dramaturgy by Marwa Arsanios, Nicholas Johnson


The Digital Hub


11 Oct, 2pm & 8pm

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This event is free, but ticketed. There is a limit of 2 tickets per person.