Blast: International Critics' Forum

When you watch a performance, what is it that are you looking for? Join the makers of Blast, a platform for conversations about theatre, where our panel of Irish and international theatre critics will take a fresh perspective on this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival programme.

An informed and lively critical discussion, Blast addresses the work and this year's context for its creation, which pushes artists to think about virtual and physical space in new and creative ways. What is the impact of hybrid digital-live presentation on the audience and how does criticism evolve to encompass this? Do new forms give rise to new aesthetics? Is online drama still theatre? Bringing together critics with a breadth of reference from different theatre cultures, this virtual forum considers performance from several angles and welcomes audience reflection and feedback online. If there’s nothing more deadly than consensus, here is an opportunity for spirited debate, challenge and perhaps something rarer still—a chance to change your mind.

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Dublin Theatre Festival YouTube


15 Oct, 4pm