A New Ireland Now

The stories we tell reflect and create the world we live in, where history, myth and fiction mix together to shape our changing identities.

A new Ireland is emerging but are we seeing it on our stages and our screens? What does this next generation want to express and which platforms do they use? Who are the gatekeepers?

Led by Irish writer Emma Dabiri, author of the bestselling Don’t Touch My Hair — a ground-breaking study of how black hairstyling culture can be understood as an allegory for black oppression and ultimately, liberation – this conversation will gather together some of our freshest young black Irish talent for a lively and provocative discussion that mashes up contemporary movements like Black Lives Matter with the story of Irish liberation.


Streamed live


30 Sept, 5pm

A New Ireland Now will be available online during the Festival. We will update this page with further details in due course.