Lola Arias, Argentina

Ways Of Walking With A Book In Your Hand

Some time ago, we used to take books everywhere. Books to read on the subway, in a waiting room, in a park, queuing in the supermarket. Any waiting time in the middle of a cruel day could be a quiet reading time. Now all spare time is for working overtime: answering emails, posting a photo, answering messages, commenting on other people’s lives, recording audios, signing online petitions. Work, work, work. To make money, to save time, to defend a cause or simply to be more popular.

We miss reading in public and seeing others read everywhere: reading and falling asleep on the bus, reading someone else’s novel over their shoulder on a train, listening to someone whisper, or trying to see the title of the book of someone you like.

Ways of walking with a book in your hand is a reading experience in the public space. We want to take our books for a walk. To read them standing up, lying down, together and alone. In the library, in the lift, in the park, at the bus stop. Reading walking down the street, reading listening to the music of the city, reading and underlining without stopping. Reading as if we were in love.

Audience members are required to choose a book from their own library and write a dedication to a stranger inside. The book you will bring will be donated and you will receive another one in return. Audience of one.


Marsh's Library


12-16 Oct, 12pm-4pm




30–45 mins. approx.

Book Tickets
Tue 12 Oct, 12.00pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 12.15pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 12.30pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 12.45pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 1.00pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 1.15pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 1.30pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 1.45pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 2.00pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 2.15pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 2.30pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 2.45pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 3.00pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 3.15pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 3.30pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 3.45pm Unavailable
Tue 12 Oct, 4.00pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 12.00pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 12.15pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 12.30pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 12.45pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 1.00pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 1.15pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 1.30pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 1.45pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 2.00pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 2.15pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 2.30pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 2.45pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 3.00pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 3.15pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 3.30pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 3.45pm Unavailable
Wed 13 Oct, 4.00pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 12.00pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 12.15pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 12.30pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 12.45pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 1.00pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 1.15pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 1.30pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 1.45pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 2.00pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 2.15pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 2.30pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 2.45pm Book Now
Thu 14 Oct, 3.00pm Book Now
Thu 14 Oct, 3.15pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 3.30pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 3.45pm Unavailable
Thu 14 Oct, 4.00pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 12.00pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 12.15pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 12.30pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 12.45pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 1.00pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 1.15pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 1.30pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 1.45pm Book Now
Fri 15 Oct, 2.00pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 2.15pm Book Now
Fri 15 Oct, 2.30pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 2.45pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 3.00pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 3.15pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 3.30pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 3.45pm Unavailable
Fri 15 Oct, 4.00pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 12.00pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 12.15pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 12.30pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 12.45pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 1.00pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 1.15pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 1.30pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 1.45pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 2.00pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 2.15pm Book Now
Sat 16 Oct, 2.30pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 2.45pm Book Now
Sat 16 Oct, 3.00pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 3.15pm Unavailable
Sat 16 Oct, 3.30pm Book Now
Sat 16 Oct, 3.45pm Book Now
Sat 16 Oct, 4.00pm Book Now