Renata Carvalho

Manifesto Transpofágico

My body was there before me. I’d never asked for anything. It’s older than I am.

Renata Carvalho states the facts.

Today I decided to dress in my own skin.

And that is quite a statement as her body, almost naked, is the subject of the performance and of her entire life. She is an actor, performer, dramaturge and stage director, and also a transpologist, transpology being a branch of anthropology which she founded herself, as is only fitting.

Alone on stage she tells the story of struggles fought with and against the body which alone defines her in the eyes of others. The body draws comments, is sexualised, violated and imprisoned: the body as a fetish, or repulsive, a rebel body.

Stating things clearly, the truths presented here are not easy to face, which makes them all the more enlightening.

For ages 16+

Contains nudity.

Performed in Portuguese
with English surtitles.

Created and Performed by Renata Carvalho

Director: Luiz Fernando Marquez

Lighting Design: Wagner Antonio

Video Art: Cecilia Lucchesi

Lighting Adaptation: Juliana Augusta

Coproduction: Corpo Rastreado, Corpo a Fora, MITsp and Risco Festival

Diffusion: Corpo a Fora and FarOFFa.


Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs)


30 Sept & 1 Oct. 7.30pm




1hr40 mins., no interval.