Jo Fong and Sonia Hughes, Wales and England

To Tell You the Truth,

Some things have happened in our lives that make us think that this is how things go.

Jo Fong and Sonia Hughes are middle-aged artists who live in Marsden, Yorkshire and Cardiff in Wales. They’ve invited six people who live in Ireland for a one-to-one conversation. The questions are deceptively simple, the answers are incredibly complicated.

It all takes time. Complexity takes time, it requires multiple voices, many levels of expertise and patience in the unspectacular.

Each day a short film will be released of these fresh, unfettered conversations.

To Tell You The Truth is based on Jo and Sonia’s live show Neither Here Nor There.

Each short film for To Tell you the Truth, will be available online daily at 1pm until 3 Oct. Click the links below to view on our YouTube channel.


Neither Here Nor There was first performed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and commissioned by Peilot, and LAUK Diverse Actions.

Created by Jo Fong & Sonia Hughes

Inspired by the research of Frank Bock and Katye Coe

Video Design: Lisa Mattocks, Solomon Hughes

To Tell You the Truth, Jo and Sonia bonus film

Let’s all be braver Exeunt Magazine



28 Sept-3 Oct, 1pm


18-30 mins.