Pan Pan, Ireland


A novel by Miranda July

A live performance based on a reading of THE FIRST BAD MAN, a novel by Miranda July.

Kitty Blennerhasset, John Benno, Rose McVittie and Freya Golden have recently joined a book club. Their first book is The First Bad Man and every week for a year they keep coming back to it.

This performance is a telling of these book club members’ encounter with the characters of Miranda July’s novel, reviewed by The Observer as: ‘Heartbreakingly sad, thoughtful, disgusting and hilarious’ Each person booking tickets for the performance will receive a copy of the novel in the post. This is a five part performance made up of five distinct sixty minute episodes where every night is an opening night. Each performance can be enjoyed as a stand-alone event but also please come to more than one if you can afford the time.

For ages 16 +

Audience members of The First Bad Man will receive a copy of Miranda July’s novel in the post. For the purpose of fulfilling your order, your name and address will be shared with Pan Pan Theatre and will be destroyed promptly once the order has been processed. Books will be sent from the start of September.

Pan Pan is Funded by the Arts Council, Dublin City Council and
Culture Ireland.

Created by Mish Grigor and Gavin Quinn with Luka Costello, Sonya Kelly, Dylan Tighe, Grace Morgan, Simon Kenny, Katherine O’Malley and Aedín Cosgrove.

Directed by Gavin Quinn

Designer: Aedín Cosgrove

Cast: Andrew Bennett, Luka Costello, Judith Roddy & Grace Morgan

Music: Simon Kenny

Movement Director: Katherine O’Malley

Assistant Director: Grace Morgan

Video & Photography: Ros Kavanagh

Produced by Gwen Van Spijk


Wesley House


6–10 Oct, 13–17 Oct, 8pm




60 mins., no interval.