Druid and Gate Theatre, Ireland

The Beacon

by Nancy Harris

A mysterious accident. A dead husband. People are talking. Secrets are resurfacing from the depths. Is the past ever truly dead?

Beiv, a celebrated artist, has moved from suburban Dublin to her holiday cottage on an island off the coast of West Cork. But a dark shadow from the past hangs over her. When her estranged son and his new young wife arrive to stay, she is faced with some difficult questions.

The Beacon is a new play commissioned by Druid and marks Nancy Harris’s Druid debut and her welcome return to the Gate Theatre stage after her brilliantly dark comic adaptation of The Red Shoes in 2017.

This production is funded by the Arts Council.

Directed by Garry Hynes
Cast includes:
Jane Brennan, Rae Gray, Cillian Ó’Gairbhí, Dan Monaghan and Marty Rea
Set and Costume Design:
Francis O’Connor
Lighting Design:
James F. Ingalls
Sound Design:
Gregory Clarke


Gate Theatre


2 Oct, 7.30pm


3, 4, 7 & 8, 10 & 11, Oct, 7.30pm
5, 9, 12, Oct, 2.30pm & 7.30pm



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