Gina Moxley, Ireland

The Application

By Gina Moxley

The Application is a documentary following Gina Moxley and Luca Truffarelli making an application about freelance theatre artists experiences of endlessly making applications and precious little work during lockdown. With venues closed artists’ were orphaned, without an income, a community or a home. Everyone was applying for everything—to keep a log in the grate, the wolf from the door. We invited six artists to film their response to making bloody applications: the emotional investment, the unrealised plans, the hope, the absolute despair. Their responses are extraordinarily tender, surprisingly hopeful, and hilarious. This a portrait of what it takes to make a thing, to stay alive—the stuff we never see.

Supported by Dublin Theatre Festival Futures programme

In association with Pan Pan.

Tickets are sold using pod seating of predetermined sizes.

Conceived & Directed by Gina Moxley

Co-created & Edited by Luca Truffarelli

Produced by Emma Coen

The Applicants

Luke Casserly

Deirdre Griffin

Wayne Jordan

Hannah Mamalis

Pamela McQueen

Peta Murray

Digital Show Programme


The New Theatre


5-16 Oct, 6-8pm




20 mins.