Shanna May Breen and Luke Casserly, Ireland


Devised and Co-created by Shanna May Breen & Luke Casserly

It is said that there was a time when a red squirrel could have travelled from the north to the south of the island through tree-travel alone. That native forest of 80% has been uprooted over time to leave Ireland with the lowest tree cover in Europe.

Where has the forest gone? What would its ghost say to us?

At the intersection of ecology and performance, Root will trace where we have come from , where we are now and where we need to go. A vibrant paradigm of Ireland's forestry system that will hand the microphone over to a tree to hear what is has to say.

Expect a forest, micro moments of audience participation and a squirrel.

For ages 16+


Commissioned through Be SpectACTive!, a large-scale European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Co-produced by Dublin Theatre Festival, brut Wien (Vienna), SKCNS (Novi Sad) and Kilowatt Festival (Sansepolcro). Supported by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin. Kindly supported by Creative Ireland Longford.

Patrons can choose to book a Ticket for 1 Person, or a Ticket for 2 People and will be seated together accordingly.

If tickets for 2 people appear unavailable, you can still buy multiple tickets for 1 person.


Samuel Beckett Theatre


29 Sept, 7.30pm


30 Sept - 2 Oct, 7.30pm
2 Oct, 2.30pm




60 mins

Talking Theatre

Rooting Ireland Forum

Join experts in art, agriculture, systems and sustainability to discuss the future of reforestation in Ireland, potential technological solutions and how our island could look in 400 years.

Venue: Science Gallery Dublin

Date: The forum has been postponed.

Duration: 90 mins

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