Tim Etchells, UK


Performance maker and artist Tim Etchells is making a new neon work to be installed at the Crown Alley Telephone Exchange in central Dublin. Responding to sites and throwing unexpected ideas into familiar places, Etchells’ neon and LED pieces often draw on his broader artistic fascinations. Exploring the contradictory qualities of language, Etchells celebrates the speed, clarity and vividness with which words can communicate narrative, image and ideas, at the same time marking their ability to create doubt and ambiguity.

Through simple phrases spelt out in neon, LED and other media, Etchells strives to create miniature narratives, moments of confusion reflection and intimacy in public and gallery settings. Encountering the neon sign works in the streets of a city, the viewer becomes implicated in a situation that’s not fully revealed. As often in Etchells’ work, in the neon signs the missing parts of the picture can be as important as the elements that are present. Invoking a story, or projecting an idea out-of-context, Etchells’ playful and provocative works intrigue and open questions about the spaces we live in, the ways we think and interact, and the possibilities of language itself.


Temple Bar Square


From 30 Sept

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