Mount Average

Welcome to Mount Average. During this performative journey, Julian Hetzel takes us on a factory visit that confronts us with our own ideologies. This time, the theatre-maker grinds statues of rulers, dictators and tyrants to dust to give them meaningful new meaning.

Mount Average questions acquired rights, traditions, privileges and wealth, ideologies and totalitarian ideas, aspects that every (post-colonial) society carries with it. In this industrial environment, the clash between the static past and the fluid present creates a productive friction that stirs up a lot of controversy.

Julian Hetzel's performances are attempts to unravel the world, while trying to provide strategies to transform it. In his work, he provides speculative methods that offer possibilities to deal with both the trauma (of the past) and the challenges of the present. This time, hands on.

Concept and Direction: Julian Hetzel

Performed by: Kristien De Proost/ Lisi Estaras, Jana Decockere/Simon Baetens and Pitcho Womba Konga/ Jovial Mbenga

Dramaturgy by Miguel Angel Melgares

Artistic Advice: Sodja Lotker

Set Design: Wim Clapdorp

Production Assistant: Valentine Galeyn

Assistant Set Design: Pleun Verhees

Costumes: Andrea Kränzlin

Coproducers: Frascati Producties (Amsterdam), Standplaats Utrecht, SPRING Festival Utrecht, Schauspiel Leipzig


The Depot @ The Complex


13-15 Oct. 7pm - 9pm




70 min.