Federico Julián Gonzàlez and Janet Moran

Looking for América

by Federico Julián González

Last summer, Fede and his 74 year old mother, set off on a quest through Havana to look for América. Shared memories, conflicting recollections, and offline maps led them through their past. A past peopled with ghosts scattered among grand avenues, dark lanes and unnerving dead ends in the city that had taken them in, more than 30 years before, after they had fled the Salvadoran Civil War. Looking for América charts the journey of that night and the journey from the catastrophe that had engulfed his country decades before. A catastrophe whose after effects still resonate today. Sometimes the idea of home has to be remade. And remade. And remade.


Made possible with the generous support of Draíocht and Mermaid. Originally commissioned by Mermaid Arts Centre and Pavilion Theatre for THISISPOPBABY's Where We Live Festival 2020.

Directed by Janet Moran

Written and Performed by Federico Julián González

Sound and AV design by Mark Jackson


Mermaid Arts Centre

1 Oct, 8pm


03 Oct, 8pm

axis: Ballymun

10 Oct, 8pm




60 mins.

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