Cherish Menzo, Netherlands/Belgium


Jezebel is a dance performance inspired by the Video Vixen: female models who appeared in hip hop video clips in the late 90s and early 00s. Images in the mass media — and in music videos particularly — often projected the female in a hyper-sensualized way. The repetitive images in these videos reinforce stereotypes associated in particular with women of colour.

Jezebel refuses to be defined by others. She navigates the landscape of hip hop culture, looking for ways to reclaim her own image. Can Jezebel deconstruct the controversial stereotype associated with the black hip hop honey? How did this video girl redefine herself today?

For ages 16+

Contains loud music, strobe lighting, strong language

Supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst

Choreographed and Performed by Cherish Menzo Co-production: Cherish Menzo/Frascati Productions in collaboration with GRIP
Lighting Design and Technical Coordination: Niels Runderkamp
Music: Michael Nunes
Video: Andrea Casetti
Costumes: Daniel Smedeman
Dramaturgy: Renée Copraij
Outside Eye: Berthe Spoelstra, Christian Yav and Nicole Geertruida
Vocal Coach: Shari Kok-Sey-Tjong


Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs)


3-4 Oct. 7.30pm




60 mins., no interval.

Talking Theatre

3 Oct, post-show.

With Cherish Menzo.

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