L'amicale, Scène Nationale Le Carré - Centre D'art Contemporain Pays De Château - Gontier, Atelier 210, belgium, Agglo Pays D'issoire, France

De La Sexualité Des Orchidées

By Sofia Teillet

When we give someone a flower, we give them the sexual organs of an individual plant.

De la sexualité des orchidées (On the sexuality of orchids) is a performance-lecture during which an artist disguised as a lecturer, Sofia Teillet, discusses orchid reproduction.

After a detailed analysis, in which an apparently simple act turns out to be a complex and technical operation, questions emerge on the future of the seed. How will it germinate? Should its symbiotic relationship with a fungus be called parasitism? Does symbiosis exist? And where does the Humpback Anglerfish fit into all of this?

A battery of questions can arise when we observe life. And ultimately, all that science is fairly certain of, is that everything happened by accident.

Supported by Théâtre de Poche – Scène de territoire pour le
théâtre / Bretagne romantique et Val d’Ille – Aubigné (HédéBazouges), maison Folie Wazemmes (Lille), Le Corridor (Liège, BE), Le
Centquatre-Paris, Le Limonaire (FR), Château de la Roche Guyon (FR).

Tickets are sold using pod seating of predetermined sizes.

Performed by Sofia Teillet

Directed by Camille Bono / L’Amicale

Artistic collaborator: Charly Marty

PR: Salomé Dollat

Ingenuity and mutual assistance: Arnaud Boulogne & Sébastien Vial, Frédéric Ferrer

Specials thanks to: Charlotte Ducousso, Antoine Quesnardel, Marion Le Guerroué, Marius Schaffter, Jérôme Stünzi, Marine Thévenet.

De La Sexualité Des Orchidées Digital Show Programme


Samuel Beckett Theatre


4-5 Oct, 7.30pm




75 mins., no interval.

With the support of