Curious Seed, Scotland

Chalk About

by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees

Chalk About is a playful, funny and moving look at how we see ourselves and others, featuring dance, chalk, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for! Turning the stage into a gigantic chalkboard, it explores the nature of identity and asks some BIG questions: What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? How we talk? Our pasts or our futures? Or is it just the way we dance?

‘Uplifting and thought provoking, this is a show that will stay with me... a 5 star show, see it if you can!' -Primary Times ★★★★★

‘Brave, honest and delightful… full of a rich sense of the joy of human difference’ -The Scotsman ★★★★

For ages 8+

A Curious Seed production of Chalk About, originally created by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees. Commissioned by Imaginate.

To avail of discounted tickets for schools bookings and early-bird school rates, please contact The Ark directly.

Concept and original choreography: Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees

Production Design: Karen Tennent

Sound Composed: Martin Rascher

Lighting Design: Tom Zwitserlood

Dramaturgical Advisor: Moos van den Broek

Costume Design: Alison Brown


The Ark


Schools performances:
10 Oct. 10am & 12.30pm

Public performances:
8- 9 Oct. 1pm & 4pm




55 mins.

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