We are committed to making our events accessible to audiences including those with disabilities and those who require accessible services. You can stay up to date with all accessible performance announcements by joining our dedicated mailing list or make an enquiry by contacting

If you or a member of your party is a wheelchair user or needs special assistance please let us know at the time of booking your tickets so that we can accommodate your needs as fully as possible.

Audio description

Audio description is a live verbal commentary providing information on the visual elements of a production as it unfolds, from sets, props and costumes to actors’ facial expressions and movements. The description is delivered via an individual headset during the quieter moments of a performance and therefore only gives essential information that a blind or visually impaired person might miss. Please book your headset by phoning Box Office on +353 1 677 8899.

Programme notes

Descriptions of the set, characters and costumes are available for audiences who are visually impaired or blind. These will be read 20 minutes before audio described performances and will be available in advance if requested via


Captioning is similar to television subtitling and converts the spoken word into text, which is displayed on a screen on or next to the stage. This is useful for people who are hard of hearing or who are deaf. As well as dialogue, the captions include the name of the character who is speaking or singing, as well as descriptions of any sound effects and any safety announcements. In addition to assisting people with hearing disabilities, captioned performances have been found to benefit foreign visitors and students who are studying the play or learning to speak English.

When booking, please ask for seats suitable for captioning.

Irish Sign Language Interpreted Performances

Irish Sign Language is the sign language used in the Republic of Ireland. The language makes use of space and involves movement of the hands, body, face and head.

A sign language interpreter interprets what a person says or signs simultaneously, or immediately afterwards.

Please book through the venue box office and ask for seats suitable for viewing the interpreter.

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability. The audience is welcome to move around and make noise during the show.

The venue will look at how they can reduce some of the sensory aspects so they reduce the sound and lighting levels where needed, take out strobe or some flashing lights and any unexpected bangs/noises. If the auditorium is very dark the house lights are raised a touch. Audience members are able to walk in and out of the auditorium as they need to and there are designated quiet areas as these help with stress levels. The staff are given some training so they have some basic understanding of autism and the cast are given a briefing as to how different this audience may react.

Audio described, and ISL performances are facilitated by Arts & Disability Ireland.